Company Name
: C.S Underwear Collection Co.,Ltd
Brand Name
Product Established Year
: Since 2004
Main Product
: Underwear for ladies, Women and Kids
Type of business
: Authorized distributor
Company Description

C.S Underwear Collection Co.,Ltd is an authorized distributor of all kinds of bras and underwear and its brand name are such as;

Our main products are bras and underwear such as Foam style, Short bra, Long bra, Sport bra and Kid underclothes with various sizes and styles.

Our product is made by Myanmar, Thailand and China. The product is mainly distributed around in Myanmar such as Yangon, Mandalay, Pathein etc. Moreover, we have a plan to export to foreign countries near future, so we are trying hard to do it by supporting the best quality more and more.

Our product is actually produced by using the best and suitable quality product for various weathers, especially the hot weather.

We are always keeping product quality control and kindly doing the innovative creation to support the smart-fashions and designs to end users because we actually value the customer’s satisfactions.

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